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Automotive Chip Keys
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Automotive Chip Keys

Chip Keys cost between $25.00 to $750.00 Depending on Model and if you have a key to the vehicle door and Ingnition.


What's up? The price of your car keys. Why so much? Technology has affected everything you own, and that includes your car keys.

Vehicle security has changed in these technological times. In the 1970's some cars began to use unconventional keys which must be cut using special machinery. In 1986, GM introduced VATS immobilization, which requires using an ignition key containing a electronic resistor pellet.

Today, transponder technology is redefining the way vehicles are being protected.

Transponder based immobilization is a very effective deterrent against auto theft. Embedded in the head of the key is a radio frequency "chip" which transmits a unique digital code to the car. The car must be programmed to recognize each key. The car is electronically shut down unless a properly programmed key is used to start the car.

This prevents a vehicle from being stolen by any of the classic methods of forcing, breaking, or lock manipulation. Stronger and better locks are good, but there is nothing which cannot eventually be broken or defeated. Therefore, electronic immobilization is ideal. It is safe to say that countless cars have not been stolen because of transponder technology.

  • The necessity of proprietary diagnostic equipment for key programming.
  • Establishing vehicle specific PIN codes necessary for key programming.
  • The use of proprietary transponder chips.
  • Using special encrypted codes within the car's on-board system

Servicing most transponder equipped cars requires some type of special equipment. Locksmiths must make a substantial investment to service transponder keys, and the investment is ongoing with the continued development of necessary new software and tools.

With some cars, locksmiths may have the capability to program keys, but essential information or PIN codes are either cumbersome to get, or not available. In general, transponder immobilization systems are very effective against auto theft. Cars will always be stolen by a number of different methods, but transponder technology is highly effective against the see, break, drive away threat. However, look out for this technology because it may become your nemesis.